Scottsdale HOG Chapter 3160

I'm Kym Laman, and I'm honored to be HOG #3160's Safety Officer.  Our chapter is committed to riding safe and having fun!  Whether you ride your own or as a co-rider, with friends in a group or on your own, I believe riding safe and smart gives you the most enjoyable ride possible for the present and many future rides.  We are committed to help riders with safety knowledge and skill information to practice and apply on each and every outing.  We have skills practice days, safety tips and  education classes that can give you an extra edge of safety when you are riding out on the road.  From our Director to our members, we are all a part of the motorcycling family and we care about each and every one of you that share our passion for riding.  We Live to Ride, Ride to Live.

Kym Laman

From our Safety Officer